Healing the Five Areas of Grief Online Healing Course

Remember with More Love Than Pain.

What's Inside:

  • Weekly Online Teaching by David
  • 5 Video Training Modules
  • Easy to use 24/7 Training Site
  • Access from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Tools and Exercises for Focused Healing
  • All lessons are available on-demand and you can re-watch again and again
  • BONUS: Access to Secret Facebook Group Healing Community

We Will Cover These Essential Topics:

Week 1 - Understanding

  • Stop worrying if you are grieving "correctly" and let go of circular thinking and fear to honor your loved one
  • Understand grief bursts and transform despair into peace in your loss
  • Envision and create the next phase of your life with honor, peace and happiness

Week 2 - Healing

  • Release anger and regret to make way for forgiveness as you build resilience and strength
  • Stop struggling with the what-ifs and clear a path to compassion
  • Move through the emotions that have you stuck even after the devastation of complicated or tragic loss

Week 3 - The Mind in Grief

  • Step-by-step process to create freedom from the negative thought cycles that hold you captive
  • Strategies to experience and honor the grief without getting stuck in suffering
  • Master the art of focusing on the now without dwelling in past pain or anticipating suffering in the future

Week 4 - Legacy

  • How to help children in grief
  • Create your legacy of strength and beauty that follows you when leave a room or leave this world
  • Design your lasting legacy of hope and peace

Week 5 - Continued Connections

  • Meaningful strategies to maintain the love and connections after loss
  • Understanding how the afterlife, dreams and memories. Does love ever die?
  • How medicine and the law come together to prove our loved ones still exist

Join Us On This Journey to Release the Pain and Remember with Love

David Kessler

David Kessler is one of the world’s foremost experts on healing and loss. 

Personally, David has faced some of life's most challenging losses himself and uses his experiences to live fully.

He is the author of five bestselling books, including two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  David’s work has been featured on CNN, NBC, Fox, PBS, Dr Oz and Oprah and Friends.


" The content of this class was in-depth but not overwhelming. David gave me practical, easy to understand tools that I could use right away to deal with my grief. "


"David's advice helped me see that I was stuck in some patterns and mindsets that were almost like "stories" I had made up in my head. My therapist (who is also a grief counselor) told me the same thing, but not with any kindness. "


"This group was a blessing in so many ways. The sense of isolation in my grief is gone. Not having to explain it, hear "get over it", was very healing as were the very kind people from David through the group members. It was a peaceful place and came at a time that couldn't have been better. "


"I feel very honored to be a part of this group. I'm learning to hold on to the gift of love I've been given even during this grieving journey. "


"This course helped me start recovery from multiple traumatic losses. Though some of them happened decades ago, the teachings and homework led to new insights. I'm still working on it, but have found some relief from suffering and am looking forward to feeling even better."


"Taking this course - has been a sign of strength for me, and I'm only getting stronger. Grief had me stuck in concrete and it was hard to breathe. Do I still miss my son? More than I can ever say - but the remembering now is filled with tears of love, not the incapacitating acidic tears of pain. "


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