Releasing Guilt - Finding Peace

Getting Rid of the What Ifs, If Onlys and Regrets
Four Exclusive Video ZOOM Meetings with David Kessler
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Release Guilt

David will walk you through the process to let go of the guilt that is stalling your healing and keeping you stuck.

Eliminate Regrets

Get beyond the what ifs, if onlys and regrets so that you can remember with more love than pain.

Embrace Peace

Design and create a life of resilient joy that honors your loved one with with your legacy of love and hope.

Work Directly with David Kessler

  • Four Live Video Meetings
  • Live Q & A
  • Meeting video recordings accessible 24/7 
  • Private Training Site Access
  • Exclusive video interaction

In these private group ZOOM meetings  David will be able to see you and hear you and you will be able to see and hear David as well as other group members.

This simple-to-use software is easy to install and works from your smart phone, iPad or computer. 

Take the Next Step in Your Healing

First come basis: There is very limited space in this group to ensure an interactive, small-group format.


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