Untangling the Connection between grief and trauma

Making way for more peace, connection, and love


Dr. Frank Anderson and David Kessler Present:

Traumatic Grief

A 4-week course exploring the intersection between trauma and grief

We will get together via Zoom on Tuesdays, March 7th - 28th at 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET

  • We'll gather online for 60-minutes of live teaching each week
  • Following the teaching, there will be an optional 30-minute Q&A with Dr. Frank Anderson and David Kessler
  • All meetings will be recorded so you can watch them later if you can't join live
  • Ongoing access to a private training platform
  • This is for anyone who is a mental health professional and/or in a helping profession working with those who have experienced the dual burden of trauma and grief as well as those individuals who wish to gain insight into their own traumatic grief
  • Receive BONUS video training on grief and trauma
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Understanding and Navigating the Complex Grief and Trauma Connection 

  • Understand the relationship between grief and trauma and how experiences can continue to impact choices and relationships
  • Address the heartbreak of grief and the wounds, burdens, and hurts of trauma and their accompanying, feelings of hopelessness, frustration, emotional dysregulation, relationship challenges, and PTSD
  • Cultivate healthy coping strategies
  • Join the conversation with David Kessler and Dr. Frank Anderson to go beyond the symptoms and struggles and address the invisible wounds of grief and trauma
  • Learn ways to release the feelings of overwhelm, sadness, fear, and shame that are common with both grief and trauma and create a path toward authenticity and peace
  • Get real-life strategies to deal with grief and trauma whether the loss and/or trauma was recent or occurred decades ago
  • Help create confidence, security, clarity and the ability to be present

Week 1

When Death is Traumatic

The circumstances around death as well as complicated relationships can be traumatic. This week, we'll discuss the relationship between trauma and grief and start to understand how they both impact lives and healing.

Week 2

When Old Wounds Show up in Current Loss

The past and the future often collide in trauma. Grief can reactivate and remind us of trauma from the past. We'll learn to identify and untangle some of the old patterns. They often contribute to feelings of being stuck and helplessness.

Week 3

Grieving the Extreme

Some events are so big they overload our senses and are challenging to process. We'll talk about tragedies and extreme experiences that are global, societal, and individual. These events can leave horrific images, burdens and rumination in their wake. We'll discuss ways to build resilience and a feeling of safety when the world as we knew it has forever changed.

Week 4

The Healing Process of Trauma and Grief

In the painful aftermath of trauma, emotional wounds may impact all areas of our lives. In the fourth week, we'll explore the path to healing and navigating the future to bring more love, freedom, forgiveness and transformation.


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Your Teachers...

David Kessler:

"Healing doesn’t mean the loss didn’t happen. It means that it no longer controls us."


David Kessler is a grief specialist, speaker, and author of six books, including his latest bestselling book, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief. He co-authored two books with Elisabeth Kübler Ross. His first book received praise from Saint (Mother) Teresa.

He facilitates a new model of online grief groups that are attended by people worldwide and leads one of the most respected online grief certificate programs. He is the founder of Grief.com which has over five million visits yearly from 167 countries.

Dr. Frank Anderson:

"Trauma blocks love, and love heals trauma."

Frank Anderson is an author, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist. He specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation. He completed his residency and was a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. 

Dr. Anderson lectures extensively on the Neurobiology of PTSD and Dissociation. His newest book is: Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems.

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Dr. Frank Anderson and David Kessler Present:

Traumatic Grief

A 4-Week Course Exploring the Intersection Between Trauma and Grief 

We Begin on March 7th and Spaces are Limited

TuesdaysMarch 7th - 28th, 2023 at 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET

10-Day No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy