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Trauma Expert Alex Howard and Grief Expert David Kessler 

Is Your Unattended Grief Keeping You Stuck in Trauma?

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We Will Explore the Deep Connection Between Trauma and Grief

  • How your trauma can feel stuck and unattended despite enormous effort because of deep unseen grief.
  • Discuss ways to address the pain, fear, limitations, anxiety, and sadness of trauma, and grief.
  • How to not retraumatize yourself while working on your trauma and grief.
  • Understand the ramifications of unaddressed grief.
  • How to recover from the double impact of grief and trauma.
  • Create your personalized path for healing.
  • Discuss how unaddressed trauma and grief can keep you stuck in a maladaptive stress response.

Alex Howard

Alex is passionate about making physical and emotional healing accessible to everyone, and in the last few years, his Super Conference series has been attended by over 1 million people.

He is the creator of Therapeutic Coaching and Founder of The Optimum Health Clinic and Conscious Life.  Alex has also published academic research in publications such as the British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health, and is the author of Why Me? and Decode Your Fatigue. Since March 2020, Alex has been documenting his therapeutic work with real-life patients via his In Therapy with Alex Howard YouTube series. 

Alex’s third book It’s Not Your Fault – Why Childhood Trauma Shapes You and how to Break Free is now available.


David Kessler

David Kessler is a grief specialist and author of six books, including his bestselling book, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief. He co-authored two books with Elisabeth KĂĽbler Ross and one with Louise Hay. His first book received praise from Saint (Mother) Teresa.

He leads one of the most respected online grief certificate programs. His article in the Harvard Business Review went viral, giving us a vocabulary to discuss our losses big and small. His talk with Brené Brown was the #1 podcast in the world.

David is always trying to find ways unique to get information out to a grief-illiterate world, but even he was surprised when he became a Jeopardy question. He is the founder of